Break’s Over, Let’s Explore 2017!

Put your Bat’as back on, we have much exploring ahead!

Christmas and New Year have come and gone and we’re into 2017. Time to get back to blogging business.

Over the holidays, I set myself a few goals for things to accomplish in my blogs before adding new material. While I didn’t get everything I wanted done, I got the priorities tended to.

Here’s a short summary of what was done behind the scenes at Beyond Prague during the  break:

Dead links were found and removed or replaced in all articles.

The “Blog Info” section in the main drop down menu got a complete revision. Several sections which once stood independent of each other have been condensed into the single “About Beyond Prague” section.

The “Dining out in the Czech Republic” article in the Food and Drink section recieved some text revisions and the old “Dining Smoke Free in Brno” article was incorporated into it.

The “Art and Architecture” section of the main menu was completely deleted as it was a very low traffic area.

Several existing articles have been earmarked for text and photo editing and refreshment at later points in time.

At that, take a few deep breaths and do a couple of knee bends and we’ll be off for another year of exploring the Czech lands!



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