České Budějovice – Beer and Beyond

Main square with fountain and city hall
Main square with fountain and city hall

In the Heart of South Bohemia

Located centrally in the South Bohemia region of the country, this city is best known outside the Czech Republic for being the birthplace of Budvar, the ancestor to contemporary Budweiser beer. While you can visit the brewery and sample the product, there is more to this city than that.

A Feel for the City

This is a working city and a university town that nobody could accuse of being particularly touristy, many would say that the lower level of tourism here is part of the city’s charm and I wouldn’t argue that.

In fact, with several higher traffic tourist attractions within easy reach, České Budějovice doesn’t need to be touristy at all. If you take accommodation here and use the city as your base for visiting other places of interest in the region, for which it serves very well, you’ll certainly appreciate the more relaxed pace and elbow room this town offers.

City hall
City hall

What to do Here

If you’re an active type, at least nine cycling routes run in and around the city, this can be a very good way to see the city and immediate surroundings. As cycling is quite popular in the Czech Republic, bicycle rental places are usually not difficult to find in places of this size.

Sometimes, after a long day of travelling, the best thing to do is just fill yourself up with a good meal and drink and reflect on the day. České Budějovice has many restaurants and pubs, several of which have outdoor seating in the spring and summer months. Taking dinner at one of the restaurants on the main square on a clear summer evening with the warm light of the setting sun illuminating the historic buildings that line it gives a very peaceful atmosphere.

As mentioned earlier, this city makes a great jumping off point to make day trips to other attractions in the region; Český Krumlov and Hluboka chateau to name but two such places that are easy to reach from here.

One of the many historic buildings lining the main square
One of the many historic buildings lining the main square

Learning More

If you wish to know more about visiting České Budějovice and surroundings, the official city web site carries a good deal of information about accommodation, transportation and other such vital information for travelers:



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