Hluboká Chateau – English Gothic in the Heart of Europe

Approach to the chateau's main entrance
Approach to the chateau’s main entrance

Popular and Photogenic

If you’ve ever looked into a tourist guidebook on the Czech republic or visited a Czech tourism website, you will no doubt have seen at least one photograph of Hluboká chateau. Hluboká is one of the most popular chateaus for visitors in the country; with it’s distinctive English Gothic appearance, it does stand apart architecturally from most other castles and chateaus in the country.

Many Owners, Many Changes

From the time of its establishment as a defensive castle in the mid 13th century, Hluboká passed through the hands of several noble families and was subjected to four major remodelings which saw it shift through Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque styles before finally arriving at its present English Gothic look.

The current appearance is thanks to the chateau’s final owners, the Schwarzenberg family, who held it from 1661 to 1947 when it was seized by the state. The transition to the current look took place between 1840 and 1871 and included a remodeling of the gardens as well as the chateau itself.

Looking up the chateau's distinctive main tower
Looking up the chateau’s distinctive main tower

A Word About the Swarzenbergs

When you visit the Czech Republic, particularly South Bohemia, you will hear the name Swarzenberg often. They were a very powerful and influential family who’s name is still heard today in Czech politics; Karel Swarzenberg, a current serving statesman, is a descendant of that line.

Getting There

Hluboká nad Vltavou, the town which the chateau takes its name from, is easily accessible from České Budějovice and the walk from the town to the chateau is not long or particularly strenuous.

The countryside that surrounds the town is quite pretty and a good view of it can be had from the chateau’s main tower.

View of Hluboká townsite and Vltava river from the chateau
View of Hluboká townsite and Vltava river from the chateau

Visiting and Learning More

As stated before, Hluboká is one of the most popular and visited Chateaus in the Czech Republic. As such, don’t be surprised if you find yourself waiting a bit to start your tour after you’ve paid.

Unlike many chateaus, Hluboká is open to the public year round so there is more flexibility in when you can choose to visit.

For more information, follow this link to the chateau homepage:



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