Hradec nad Moravicí Chateau – A Legacy of Culture

Courtyard of the Red Chateau.
Courtyard of the Red Chateau.

Two Chateaus in One

The Chateau at Hradec nad Moravicí is distinctive from the moment one sets eyes on it. Not only does it have a clearly defined red and white part, but both parts are as different in age and architectural style as they are in colour.

The white chateau, the oldest section of the chateau complex, sits on the same piece of ground as an 11th century castle once stood and an 8th century Slavonic fort stood before that. The renaissance chateau and surrounding gardens took shape in the late 16th century and its present form came into being after reconstruction following a fire in the late 1700s.

The younger Red Chateau, which today serves as a hotel and restaurant was not built until the late 1800s and took its neo gothic design influence from Germanic castles. At roughly the same time, another structure known as the White Tower was added to the chateau complex.

Entry to the older White Chateau section.
Entry to the older White Chateau section.

A Retreat for Artists

In 1778, the chateau came into the ownership of the noble Lichnovský family. As well educated and well connected patrons of the arts, the family attracted such visitors as Beethoven, Liszt and Paganini to the chateau. Visits were not limited to musical luminaries; visits were also paid by prominent authors and painters of the day.

Six generations of Lichnovský ownership and artistic tastes have stayed with the chateau to this day and the collections that are on view to visitors are part of that family’s legacy. As you walk around the chateau grounds, you can find monuments to both Beethoven and Liszt.

The Chateau Today

Every June, the chateau hosts a Music Competition for young pianists and Violinists called Beethoven’s Hradec. This, along with concerts which the chateau plays host to recall the Lichnovský era.

The White Tower and White Chateau from the chateau gardens.
The White Tower and White Chateau from the chateau gardens.

Beyond the artistic attractions that the chateau provides, its picturesque gardens make for a very relaxing walk. As the chateau is located at the top a of a hill, it does provide one with a very good view of the lush Moravice river valley below. Equally, a great view of the chateau can be found looking up from the valley below it.

The chateau will also serve well as a relaxing and less strenuous attraction if you’ve been spending most of your time on the numerous cycling and walking trails that dot the valley.

Visiting the Chateau

Hradec nad Moravicí and its chateau are not difficult to access from Opava.

Details of the Red Chateau
Details of the Red Chateau

Unfortunately, the chateau’s official website is only in Czech at the moment; however, more details can be found about it at the following links:


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