Sychrov Chateau – Elegance in Exile

Entry to Sychrov chateau
Entry to Sychrov chateau

Home to an Exiled Family

The Rohans, a French aristocrat family exiled as a result of the French Revolution, purchased the chateau at Sychrov in 1820 and put in motion a series of reconstructions that transformed the Baroque chateau it had been prior to their ownership into the Neo-Gothic one we see today.

As a result of the Rohan family taking residence in it, Sychrov ended up taking on a distinctly different atmosphere than some other chateaus in the Czech Republic have about them. Beyond the neo-gothic remodeling, the chateau park was modeled on English style.

Much of the furnishings are original and a collection of over 200 paintings of Rohan family members, relatives and French kings gives Sychrov the largest collection of French portraits outside of France.

Sychrov chateau
Sychrov chateau

Year Round Activities

Sychrov hosts a variety of seasonal activities. As it is one of the chateaus in the country that is open year round, there are naturally more opportunities to visit and take in what may be happening there than at some other chateaus.

Sychrov chateau is located in the south central part of the Liberec region; as such, it’s not difficult to access from either Liberec or Prague.

Water tower in chateau gardens
Water tower in chateau gardens

To learn more, follow this link:

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