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The Czech Republic, in Others’ Shoes

I’m certainly not the only one out there blogging about life in the Czech Republic and it goes without saying that my reasons for writing about my second homeland are not the same as others have.

Some come for the long term, others much shorter. Some come to teach English or other languages, others come to study, still others are sent by their employers to work in a Czech branch office….the list of reasons to be here goes on.

This list of other Czech related blogs will give you access to more insights and experiences of people who have taken the chance to live here:

The Blansko Klobása:
If you want to learn a bit about the Czech Republic and have leanings for beer, sausage and football (soccer), then The Blansko Klobása is for you. Through this group of football fanatics, you’ll be introduced to great Czech beers while getting some insights into the Czech football scene and getting glimpses at some of the more out of the way spots in the country.

The blog of an American woman who has been living in the Czech lands since 2014. Some good information here about life in the Czech Republic, the language and other places she’s visited.

A Czech Adventure:
This is a blog by an American woman working as a school teacher in Prague. There’s quite a few good insights about working in Czech schools to be found here.

The Czech List:
A blog by an American planning to travel to the Czech Republic to teach English. Some good info covering her preparations for her trip and, eventually, the trip itself:

Czech Menu:
A blog about the Czech Republic and Czech culture written by a Czech. Lots of good info here about travel in the Czech Republic, Czech food and other quirks of the country and people:

Czech Cookbook:
Authentic recipes for authentic Czech dishes, presented by an authentic Czech. Lots of good recipes with “How to” videos included:

Czechesotans: Embrace All Things Czech with Two Minnesotans and Their Little Dog Too

Christopher’s Expat Adventure: An American Expat Adventure in Brno, Czech Republic. There’s lots of good info here not only about the Czech Republic, but places you can visit easily from there:

Czech Off the Beaten Path:

Adventures in the Czech Republic: A Brit in the Czech Republic:

Adventurings: An American expat based in South Bohemia:

Grant’s Prague Bike Blog:
A Prague centric blog, but very useful if you’d like to do some cycling around the capital:

Smiling Czech:
An English blog about living in the Czech republic: local tips for places to visit, thoughts about the Czech life style and Czech people.

Non-Czech Blogs of Interest

Czeching Out:
The adventures of an Irish guy who spent two years living in the central city of Pardubice. While they no longer live in the Czech Republic, some of their Czech adventures are still there to be found. Wherever in the world they post from, it’s always entertaining and enlightening:

Tiny Expats:
An expat couple with two children who spent some time living in the central city of Pardubice. Some good info here if you’re expats with kids:

What Sarah Bakes:
Written by a New Zealander who spent two years living in the Czech Republic, this blog is full of useful baking tips and tempting recipes. Though she has returned to her homeland, her writings and reflections on baking in the Czech lands are still on her blog to be found:

Slovakia Blog:
This is a blog by a Slovak born fellow living in America. It contains lots of good information including a list of recipes for Slovak dishes, many of which are shared by the Czechs:

Slovakia Blog


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