Lužánky Park – Green in the Heart of Brno

A beautiful summer's day in Brno's Lužánky park.
A beautiful summer’s day in Brno’s Lužánky Park.

Brno’s Largest Park and the Republic’s Oldest

If you find yourself in Brno during the summer months, which can be very sunny and warm, you’ll be happy to know that shade can be found within easy walking distance north of the centre in Lužánky Park.

The park covers an area of 20 hectares and contains trails, tennis and volleyball courts as well as a number of tree species some of which are quite rare in this part of Europe.

Historically, the park was established in 1778 and has held status as a national cultural monument since 1849.

This map will give you a general overview of the park’s layout:

From here, I’ll just let pictures do the talking:

Luzanky 2

Luzanky 3

Luzanky 4

Luzanky 5

Luzanky 6

Luzanky 7


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