Veveří – Where Brno Gets Trendy

Veveří, Marching to a Different Drum

Údolní street, home to several well reputed restaurants.
Údolní street, home to several well reputed restaurants.

Framed by Lidicka, Kotlářská, Úvoz and Údolní streets; Veveří is a quarter of Brno defined by an eclectic selection of restaurants, cafes and pubs to suit a wider variety of tastes and styles than you will find in other areas of the city. This is due in large part to the number of university students, many of them foreign students, and more artistic types living in the area.

That the quarter is directly attached to the centre and thus easy to access also goes far in accounting for its popularity

A Bit of Everything

Veveří street is the main road in the quarter. Between its southern terminus in the centre and where it intersects with Kotlářská street, it is lined with many 19th century buildings several of which have very nicely restored facades. The Art Nouveau influence that shows in many of the facades should come as no surprise; Alfons Mucha, who was instrumental in popularizing that art movement, was born not far from Brno.

One example of a restored Art Nouveau facade along Veveří Street.
One example of a restored Art Nouveau facade along Veveří Street.

Buildings with restored facades are not limited to one street though, they can be found throughout the quarter and in more than one style than Art Nouveau, some quite nice examples of Classicism are also in evidence.

Beyond the dining, drinking and architecture; the Veveří quarter contains the Art Kino cinema which specializes in independent films, theatres, the Masaryk University Botanic garden along with some small squares and parks which can be great for relaxing on a spring or summer day.

A Break from the Usual

Obilní trh park; a place to relax at the top of Údolní street.
Obilní trh park; a place to relax at the top of Údolní street.

Trying the local cuisine is of course a big part of traveling and Czech cuisine certainly has much going in its favour. However, it can be heavy and many restaurants serve rather generous portions which will leave you quite tired directly after the meal.

The are several establishments in the quarter where you can get something lighter to eat that won’t slow you down if you have a full itinerary of things to see and do.

Visiting the Quarter

While the quarter is quite walkable and best explored on foot, it must be noted the Veveří and Lidicka streets are main roads into the centre from northern sections of the city and are usually rather busy so extra care should be taken when crossing them.

The Immigrant
The Immigrant

I do not make it the focus of this blog to recommend drinking and dining establishments, but I should make mention of “The Immigrant” which is located at Veveří 57. The staff are fluent in English and the pub is frequented by expats and Czechs alike. It can be a very useful place to get tips about things to see and do that tourist information often doesn’t cover:

If you want to know more about the history of the district and perhaps take a self guided tour of the architectural sights of it, this link will certainly help you:

This map will give you an idea of the Veveří district:



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