Koniklec – A Blooming Rarity

A Protected Native

Koniklec in Brno's Kamenný vrch district.
Koniklec in Brno’s Kamenný vrch district.

Known locally by the name Koniklec; Pulsatilla grandis is known in English as Pasque flower, Meadow anemone or Prairie crocus. It is a native species to central and eastern Europe and tends to be found in steppe, grassland or limestone rich soil.

It is most prevalent in Hungary, although enjoys protected species status in some countries at the extremities of its range. Currently, it is on the protected lists in the Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine. While not considered endangered, it is recognized as having declining numbers in most places it occurs in its native range.

In the Czech Republic, the plant’s range is mostly limited to a few small pockets in South Moravia.

Viewing Koniklec Around Brno

Koniklec in Brno
Koniklec in Brno

There are couple of localities around Brno where you can see this flower if you’re visiting the city during the blooming period in mid to late April.

The best known area is the nature reserve area at Kamenný vrch in the city’s south west. The flower is also known to occur in the nature reserve at Hády, in the city’s north east. Both can be accessed by the city’s public transport system.

It is quite easily recognized by its funnel shaped flowers of violet colour with yellow centres. Additionally, it can be recognized by the fine silky hairs growing from its stems and outer surfaces and edges of the flowers.

Enjoy with Respect

Koniklec in Brno
Koniklec in Brno

It goes without saying, being a protected species, that picking the blooms or trying to collect this plant is illegal. You could face a stiff fine at the very least for doing so.

Koniklec is known for being quite sensitive to disturbances to the soil around it and does not at all like being shifted or moved about once its established in its spot. To minimize trauma to these plants when viewing them, please keep to any established walking paths and make use of your camera’s zoom capabilities to take pictures of flowers which are not immediately close to the path.

Never forget, others wish to see these flowers too. Leave them as you found them for all to enjoy.

Learning more

This link will tell you a bit about the plant in general:


This link will tell you more about its status as a protected species:


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