Pozor! – Beware of Falling Pages!


A Bit of Work Behind the Scenes

One of my goals for Beyond Prague in 2018 is to trim the menu content a bit to make the addition of new content to the main menu a bit faster and less cumbersome.

You’ll notice that there are no longer menus for “Castles and Fortresses” and “Chateaus”. All of the pages in those sections are still available for viewing, they are simply in the region sections relevant to their locations in the country. This action was taken to reduce redundant pages in the menus.

I also removed a few things from the Brno menu owing to low traffic.

These are probably not the first adjustments I’ll be making during 2018, I am on the lookout for a new theme page as well.

Whatever changes I make, I will keep you apprised of them and make sure they cause minimal interference in your continued enjoyment of the blog.