Eastern Exposure – Slovácko from Above

Getting Above it All, Again

Regular followers of this blog will know that I like to take sightseeing rides every so often to get a different view on things. It’s that time again.

Yesterday, I travelled out to Kunovice in the Slovácko region in the south east of the Czech Republic. The aviation museum and flying club there were hosting an open day and the flying club were offering sight seeing flights.

The Slovácko region is part of the country’s wine growing region and has a mix of agricultural and industrial activity within. Culturally, Slovácko has a much more pronounced Slovak influence over it than you might see in other areas of the country.

That said, here’s some of what we saw on a 30 minute flight:

Climbing out of Kunovice airport, heading a bit north-west.
An example of the agricultural aspect of Slovácko.
Looking down the wing at Uherské Hradiště, a larger town next door to Kunovice.
Flying along the Morava river and Baťa canal, two major geographical features in the region.
Recreation ponds and the division of the Baťa canal from the Morava river in Spytihněv.
Flying over vineyards, or possibly fruit orchards.
We began the return leg of the flight over the Zlín aircraft factory in the small city of Otrokovice. Zlín has been a presence in Czech aviation since the 1930s.
Viewing Spytihněv from the other side.
Taking in the big picture of Slovácko’s scenery.
The Morava river and baťa canal wind their ways through the farmland.
The Morava as it passes through Uherské Hradiště.
My ride for the day was this Bristell untralight, designed and built by Kunovice based BRM Aero.